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PCD PHARMACEUTICAL is a leading Pharma Franchise / PCD Pharma company. We are leading pharmaceutical company in the franchise business in the country. We have wide range of pharma products in different therapeutic segments. PCD Pharmaceutical has a significant presence in brands across all therapeutic segments.

We manufacture wide various range of products in different therapeutic ranges.

By being our franchise, you will get ::
  • Regularly updated product portfoliowith wide therapeutic coverage.
  • Pricing of products on competitive NET RATES
  • Products Free from Excise Duty
  • Samples, Call and Visiting cards, Product cards, Visual Aids, M.R. Bags, Literatures, Updates, Abridged Prescribing Guide, Glossaries, Pens, Key Chains, Pads, Drug Manuals, TPLs, Detailing Story, Gift Items, LBLs
  • Turnover Incentive Schemes
  • Free Monthly Gift Schemes and Innovative Product Promotion Schemes
  • Advertisement support in Leading Medical Journals, Medical Indexes.
  • Exclusive Marketing Rights on monopoly system.
  • Maximum support from the end of Company as and when required.
  • Customization of Prices as required for bulk purchases

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PCD Pharma is a leading pharma franchise and PHARMACEUTICA company seeking for distributors. PCD Pharmaceutical is a leading player in the Pharma PCD and Franchise business in the Pharma industry in India with focus on wide range of therapeutic segments.
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